Welcome to our ‘wedding website’.  It is very official.

Do you think you’ll come?  Do you think you’ll skip? RSVP!  Today please 🙂 ‘Maybe’ is even an option if you click the link ;)


Where is it?

Our house.

When is it?

FRIDAY 8/16/24, most likely late morning.  There will probably be dinner on Thursday 8/15 and brunch or something on 8/17.  We will appreciate any time you’re able to share.

Can I bring ____?

A guest - Yes if they are important in your life.  Because this will be an intimate group of family (both chosen and related) if we haven’t had a chance to get to know your guest please let us know - we’d love to make time to have dinner or something between now and the wedding!

A dog - if they are on leash and well behaved around other people, dogs & food.

A gift - Your presence in our lives is already a generous gift and no other gifts are requested.  If giving a physical gift is super important to you please text us or check back at this link closer to the wedding date.

Do I have to dress up?

Nope.  Come as casual or as fancy as you'd like.  There will be pictures.

Can I help?

Maybe - we’re still figuring things out.  Let us know if you’re interested or have a specific idea.

Why are there pride rainbows on the invitation?

Adrienne is proudly a queer woman and we wanted to include that identity more visibly since it can otherwise get lost.  

Are you changing names?


Are you having kids?


What about other questions?

You know where to find us!  More details will follow via email when we know more.


-Adrienne & Michael