Welcome to our ‘wedding website’.  It is very official.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in August!

FAQ (updated 5/14/24):

What is the plan?  

This is our DRAFT Schedule.  See email or text us/family for addresses.

Thursday BBQ hosted by Craig & Kat (8/15/24)

When: arrive starting 5pm, food starts around 6pm

Friday Wedding at our house (8/16/24)

When: arrive starting 9:30am (optional continental breakfast), ceremony at 10:15am, lunch at 11:30am.  

Saturday, A Casual Brunch hosted by Lisa & Mark (8/17/24)

When: arrive starting 11am

We will appreciate any time you’re able to share and look forward to other casual hang out opportunities.  Please do not feel pressured to do everything.

Who is coming?  What is it going to be like?

Our wedding will be an intimate group of family (blood and chosen). The ceremony will be short and non religious. We hope the day is relaxed and cozy. 

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, if they were invited.  Because we have now given initial headcounts for food and rentals please reach out ASAP if we missed someone important in your life that you hope can join.  If we haven’t had a chance to get to know your guest we’d prefer to make time to have dinner or something between now and the wedding!

Can I bring a dog?

Yes, if you give us a heads up.  They must be leashed and well behaved around other people, dogs & food.

Do I have to dress up?  

Nope.  All of the events are relatively casual, you are welcome to come in whatever attire you like.  Chances are someone will be in a suit, someone will be in a t-shirt, and we will be somewhere in between.

Can I help?  

Yup, let us know if you’re interested or have a specific idea.

Why are there pride rainbows on the invitation?  

Adrienne is proudly a queer woman and we wanted to include that identity more visibly since it can otherwise get lost.  

Are you changing names?  


Are you having kids? 


Do you want gifts?

No, thank you :).  Your presence in our lives and at our wedding is already a generous gift.  

What if I REALLY want to get you a gift.

If a gift is important to you we encourage you to support our extended friend’s fantastic new nonprofit Casita Feliz Latine LGBTQ Center Fresno, safe, supportive, and empowering home for the Latine LGBTQ+ Fresno community.  VISALIA CA | IRS ruling year: 2023 | EIN: 93-1522543

What about other questions?

You know where to find us!  Another email about food and transportation will follow once we know more.


-Adrienne & Michael